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Statecraft Digital’s mission is to serve as a holistic communications agency, and strategic partner to candidates, political organizations, non-profits, and movements. We are committed to supporting positive change in our communities and across the nation by broadening campaign resources and crafting messages that cut through the digital noise. Our goals are simple; winning elections, and seeing progressive policies enacted.

We have developed a vast strategic partnership network that allows us to use cutting-edge voter matching technology. By directly targeting who receives your message, we efficiently and effectively use vital campaign dollars. We use a data-driven approach, meaning we rigorously test what we do, so your message is tailored to the individual voter and as effective as it can be


Political Innovation

After the 2016 election, Democrats woke up to the fact that we were no longer on the front lines of the cutting edge technology seen during President Obama’s historic digital campaigns. Statecraft was founded to help usher in a digital age for campaigns by ensuring that we communicate with voters where they’re at, not solely within the reach of traditional media.

The Golden Age of Radio

Political information was communicated by news broadcast and newspapers. Information was still more localized, but that was starting to change.

Early 1900's

The Rise of TV and start of Digital Pioneering

From the first televised Presidential debates, to the landing on the moon, to the fall of the Berlin Wall, we had started to get our information in real time. Social issues would be played out with video for the evening news, bringing war and social issues right into our living rooms.


Birth of the Information Age

With the expansion of the internet, information was at our fingertips. Satellite service had launched, talk radio had started to swing into full gear and news blogs were popping onto the scene.


Media Convergence in Overload

The way people where communicating with each other and consuming information had fundamentally been transformed forever. The internet had begun to connect us all, which gave birth to social media, Google, Youtube, etc.


Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

This campaign was not only historic in regard to us electing our first African-American President, it revolutionized how campaigns would fundraise, mobilize supporters, and communicate with voters. It was a game changer.


Social Media Surpasses Television

Voters now watched social-media chatter accompanying the debates, creating new opportunities for the campaigns to respond in real time and craft fundraising appeals that resonated most.


Rise of the Data

Data integrated campaigns began to take advantage of how people  communicate and consume information is this new age. Digital message segmentation and targeting are now the new norm.

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Statecraft Digital Was Founded

Founded to ensure that our clients can communicate where the voters are, not where they used to be.

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