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Discover how to reach voters more efficiently than ever with programmatic media.

What is programmatic media?

When Facebook and Google started their ad platforms, they offered small businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns a self-serve model where you could get started on your own campaign for as low as one dollar. Of course, as these platforms evolved, it not only took a much greater deal of expertise to be effective, but increased competition meant higher costs and a diminishing return. “Add in the data scandals where they subsequently cut back on targeting options, these platforms continued to decline, but smaller budget campaigns had no other options. 

Anticipating the further decline of Facebook and Google as viable ad options, Statecraft Digital began building its programmatic media buying division over two years ago. We got an amazing agency discount based on the collective inventory of all the campaigns we run, and hired a top media executive from New York to run the division. We’ve now executed dozens of successful campaigns, and won races where we were outspent up to 4:1. 

So when Facebook and Google told the political industry the party was over this past fall, we didn’t miss a beat and simply diverted funds to what we already knew worked more effectively. And you don’t have to miss a beat either. Because we’re here to guide you through the process of transitioning away from the confusion of the Facebook political ad approval process and onto what’s important: winning your race. 

A big agency tool without the big brand spend.

Programmatic media empowers ad buyers to automatically buy the digital inventory outside of Facebook and Adwords at much lower costs. And unlike social media ads, the more you buy, the more you save. 

Traditionally this inventory has only been available to major ad agencies and brands with millions of dollars to spend. However, as an agency ourselves we’ve made the investment to bring this cutting-edge tool to political campaigns at a deep discount from what it would cost to purchase this inventory as a single business. 

Efficient, optimized spending

Programmatic streamlines the buying process from literally calling up websites and negotiating rates to something more akin to day trading stocks. Our media buyers spend their days testing and optimizing tactics in real time to find the most efficient way to reach your audience at scale, reducing media costs. 

While Facebook and Google were good options in the past, good ideas are difficult to scale and can cost even more by expanding an audience. In programmatic, once an idea works, the cost variables tend to remain consistent. 


More creative options

HTML5 expandable banners, videos, dozens of size options, native advertising, and no “20% rule” on text in an image from Facebook to worry about. 


It’s all about the data

Programmatic media is the fastest and least expensive way to turn third party data into your data. We work to build a multi-platform pixel that you can retarget for a much lower spend. Having that first party data to retarget gives you control of the voter journey through the process.

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It works for political campaigns

Our clients have seen drastic improvements in results after we introduced our programmatic capabilities. 

We’ve now perfected a system of targeting, retargeting and telling your story one chapter at at a time through a series of well-timed interactions. 


Vote no on Mark Zuckerberg

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