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We use the latest data mining tools to quickly identify and find your ideal target voters, and unfold your unique story to them  one chapter at a time. 

On every device, in every form of digital media, your presence will be felt, your values conveyed and your strengths brought to life wherever your voter lives, works and plays. 


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We’ve built a team of some of the best political strategists and teamed them up with experienced digital marketers passionate about progressive causes. We work tirelessly on our campaigns to squeeze everything we can out of budgets, and have multiple wins against opponents who heavily outspent us. 

Digital agencies move at the speed of business. That’s not fast enough. We move at the speed of politics. 


From microtargeting campaigns to specific issues to rapid response on anything your opponent throws at you, we craft stories that convince people to back your cause. Our team deep dives into what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about and determines the best audiences and how to reach them with messaging they will remember and repeat. 


Raising money and building lists is our specialty. Through dozens of successful campaigns we’ve honed our craft to perfect our understanding of what works best, from creative and targeting to landing pages that convert at the highest rates. 


Creating content that engages and fires up your base is a critical ingredient of your campaign. We specialize in not just crafting messages that engage, but that are easily shared. Add in our expertise in paid social campaigns to amplify your message all while navigating the stringent and ever-changing guidelines on Facebook.


Reach and frequency – how many different people see your message and how often are how you build strong name recognition in a close campaign. Using bulk digital inventory on the open web not available on Facebook or Google combined with precision data targeting means more impressions for way less budget. 


Visiting your website is a huge step in your campaign and it’s not one that should be wasted. Whether it’s making sure your policy or cause is succinctly explained, driving donations or activating volunteers, we’ve built websites that serve as a true workhorse of a campaign in delivering outstanding results. 


When someone joins your email list, they’re raising their hand and saying “I’m ready to take the next step.” And we have the experience to get more from everyone who is ready to engage with you. From getting the word out, to driving donations, we know how to drive results that matter from email. 

Targeted digital is how we’ve won competitive races for progressives.

We tell your unique story to registered voters most likely to embrace you.

Some of our unique offerings

Data Targeting

Define and target your ideal advocates
We partner with over 80 data providers offering more than 10,000 targeting options, giving us the capabilities to microtarget based on an infinite combination of possibilities. From political party and donation history to vote by mail and early voting lists, we’ll get unique messages out to the right people at the perfect time. 

Programmatic Media

Tell your story everywhere voters & donors are online
We have access to trillions of impressions outside of the walled gardens of Facebook and Google. We are able to directly bid and buy media on various platforms throughout the digital space without going through a middleman. Our preferred agency rates allows us to be more cost effective and extremely dynamic in how we engage with voters and donors.

Connected TV

Validate your messaging with TV ads
Connected TV (CTV) uses the internet to stream content to a television, typically through applications that are accessible by Smart TVs or devices like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox or Playstation. This gives your campaign the legitimacy in that you’re running actual television commercials vs. display ads or sending a brochure but with the precision targeting of social media.

We can also test your TV campaigns with small spends before you commit to a larger network spend.

Social Media

Bring your story to life in the media voters and donors engage in
Understanding each social channel and what content works best for each platform is the key to creating an experience they won’t forget. Whether you’re growing followers, increasing donations or getting the vote out, let us show you how to get the most efficiency our of your paid social advertisements.

Video Production

From complex live productions to simple name ID animations for brand building and awareness, our video team has produced dozens of successful videos for candidates and causes. Often your video is going to be the first time someone encounters your cause – we make sure it makes the best introduction possible.


Expandable Display Banners

Powerful interaction without leaving the website your target visits
Our expandable display inventory empowers your target to view a video  right in the banner. Hovering over it expands it automatically, revealing a rich media experience that delivers the high engagement and results at a lower cost than buying video inventory directly.


Website Development

Tap into our collective experience of building and optimizing dozens of websites for candidates and causes. 

Drive more donations, inspire volunteers and keep your constituents informed and engaged. 


Mayor Van Johnson

for Savannah Mayor

Kathleen Beckman

for Clearwater City Council

Andrew Learned

for Florida House District 59

Cindy Stuart

for Hillsborough County Clerk of Court

Discover how we used the power of microtargeted digital to overcome spending gaps as high as 4:1 and beat the odds to win tough races. 

Get the attention your campaign deserves from the experts in running efficient digital campaigns.

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